March 19, 2019







Important Dates to Remember

March 22


March 28

Math Night at Publix 6pm – 7pm

March 29

Makeup Day

April 1- 5

Teacher Appreciation Week

April 2

Spring Picture Day

April 3

Beginners Night 7:30am or 6pm

April 4

Bears Night Out!  Chick-fil-A 5 – 8pm

April 5

Popcorn Friday

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Parents, grandparents, and visitors are required to show a photo ID every time they visit BES.







This year’s main fundraiser is underway. Please help your student get pledges by asking friends and family. Students will complete 30-35 laps (35 laps max) around a Fun Run track on March 22nd, to raise funds for our school. 


This year ALL visitors who come for the Fun Run will need to sign in on Lobby Guard. We encourage you to arrive early, as there may be long lines. Computers will be available in the cafeteria for visitor sign in. After your child’s race, please leave campus to allow for parking for the next race. CMS Registered Volunteers can show their license and be checked off the list. You may register as a volunteer. It will expedite the process for all upcoming events.


Fun Run Schedule on March 22nd:

Kindergarten 9:15

1st and 2nd grade 10:30

3rd and 4th grade 12:00pm

5th grade 1:30pm





The After School

Enrichment Program


The After School Enrichment Program will begin accepting registrations for the 2019-2020 school year on April 1st at 7am. Register on the CMS website under ASEP Department.




Volunteer Opportunities



Volunteers Needed

Ballantyne Elementary Career Fair!


Wednesday, April 3rd will be the first ever Ballantyne Elementary Career Fair! We are looking for volunteers from the community from a wide variety of professions to be speakers. Our ideal speaker would be someone who:

  • Is passionate about their profession.
  • Is comfortable speaking in front of groups of children.
  • Can bring items or materials used in their job to help in presenting.


We are looking for presenters from the following career areas:

  • Human Services (counseling, social work, non-profit)
  • Business/Banking
  • Technology
  • Building/Construction/Home repair
  • Arts
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sports
  • Law Enforcement
  • Aviation
  • Media (TV or print)
  • Food Service (Restaurants)


If you or someone you know is available and interested in helping our BES students explore careers with us, please contact your child’s counselor:

Karen Thayer (K-2)

Joanne Anderson





Auditions for this year's talent show are coming up soon.  Turn in an audition form

by March 19th to reserve an audition time.  

Talent show date:  April 12th, 2019


Text Box:






What’s Going On At BES








Parents! This year’s main fundraiser is the Ballantyne Fun Run! It’s an 8-day program that kicks off with a Pep Rally on Wednesday, March 13th. Families will then gather pledges for every lap your student runs (30-35 laps), and we’ll celebrate at the Fun Run on Friday, March 22nd. With our big goal of raising funds for OUTDOOR PLAY AREAS, we asked the Fun Run experts at Boosterthon to power our Fun Run and make it more profitable, easier, and fun.


Students will also experience an amazing character theme, Mind Spark Mystery Lab! It is a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) theme all about using character to solve problems. Students will enter into a mystery lab and learn all about character and STEAM!


You can help our school by reaching out to sponsors, and then putting their donations on Also, all families are invited to come out and cheer on your student at the Fun Run!






In Other News









BES loves our teachers and staff! We would like to invite all students and parents to show extra gratitude to teachers during our Teacher Appreciation Week. 



Sunday: “Chalk the Walk” Bring your family to school to write or draw a message in sidewalk chalk to your favorite teachers. Write notes along the sidewalks and on the bus lot to say thanks a bunch.

Monday: Bring a flower petal (below) to your teacher. Write a favorite memory from class, then decorate it. Petals will be combined to make a flower for each teacher.

Tuesday: Bring in your teacher’s favorite drink and thank them for quenching your child’s thirst for knowledge.

Wednesday: Brighten up your teacher’s day and wear their favorite color. We are hosting a “Thanks to you I’m one smart cookie” exchange for our teacher’s today. The signup will be in the Bear Blast, bake something sweet for our staff.

Thursday: “If teachers were flowers I’d pick you!” Bring in your teacher’s favorite flower.

Friday: Bring in your teacher’s favorite snack or gift card to show them they’re a bloom above the rest.

For a list of your teacher’s favorites and other ideas, go to then Quick Links and select Teacher Favorites.









At BES, we work with our students on goal setting.  Below are suggestions to help your child write goals. 



Suggestions for Writing Goals







1.     Goals should be action oriented, measurable, and realistic.

2.     Action oriented means that your goals should involve actions or behaviors that you can do and that can be seen by other people.

3.     Measurable means that goals should be able to be measured.  You can track your progress.

4.     Realistic means that your goals should be things that you can really accomplish by working hard on a daily and weekly basis.

5.     Remember that a goal should always be phrased in a way that shows you are looking for improvement, not perfection.

6.     Support your child in writing two simple goals (an academic goal and a social and emotional learning goal) every one or two months along with simple action steps to allow them to reflect on their progress periodically.

7.     It can be very helpful to have your child write down all the benefits of achieving each specific goal.

8.     Have your child post their goals and the benefits in a place where they will see them at school and at home.

9.     Encourage them to read their action steps once a week to reflect on their progress.

10.  A common acronym for goal setting is S.M.A.R.T.: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.






Happening Now - Paint the Rock!




For a $5 donation to your PTA, you can rent the giant rock in front of the school and paint it in honor of your child’s birthday.


Visit the Resources page of the Ballantyne PTA website and click “Sign Up to Paint the Rock,” for more information.





BES Needs You!

2018 – 2019 Volunteer Information



In order to keep making BES the BEST we need dedicated parents to help with many of our volunteer opportunities!  Work during the day? No problem! Whether you have free time during the day or are more of a nights/weekends kind of volunteer, you’re a lifesaver, dive in!  There are so many great things our school offers all because of our amazing volunteers!


Sign up here -

If you have any questions regarding any of the positions reach out to us at Thank you!!





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Maria Nair Rachal

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We are in the middle of a fun week with the Boosterthon team gearing up for the Fun Run on Friday. I’m so happy that we don’t ask parents to sell wrapping paper, candles, cookie dough or chocolate to raise money for our school. We only do two fundraisers a year and the Fun Run is the biggest one. Our growing school needs more outdoor play areas so we are raising funds for that project. We hope to see you cheering on your runners this Friday.





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